Sunday, February 15, 2015

anger and terror
Feb 15, 2015

anger mounts
climbing a terrible
mountain to yell
impotently from the top
the red at the back
of the neck
the flush of the
face and the flaring
nostrils breathing in
violent bursts of breath
flashing back out
as the nails dig in
leaving marks
in the palms
terror of the
flash and the flame
the sudden burn
no reason no spark
sudden fire rising
up spiral flames encircling
the torso
leaving only blackened
bones and cracked
glassine porcelaine
bursting forth
and ripping through any

Friday, February 6, 2015

His name was Mace
He asked me for mine
And wanted to know
About Lucy
It sure is wet here
I think I'll go
To computer lab
Today he said
I nodded and
Continued looking
At my phone wondering
Where the money
Kept going
Lucy worked on
Her bagel
It kept raining
We talked about
Baseball and
The blazers and
That his class
Was from 2-4
We talked about what I did
Or didn't do
That I write and help
Lisa but that I
Didn't write enough
He talked about
The blazers and again
Said that he thought
That he would go to his class

Thursday, February 5, 2015

This morning after dropping my daughter off at work I went to the laundry mat.  This was a unique experience because this was the hipster laundry just off Mississippi called Spin Lounge.  They give you free Eco soap, have a small cafe that offers coffee pastries snacks, beer, wine and free wifi.  This is much better than the laundry up the road that has either shows like the apprentice or if you are there late Mexican game shows on their giant TV.  I'm drinking my second cup of costa rican coffee and waiting for my things to finish drying.