Saturday, May 24, 2014

Terror deep
we sleep guarded
waiting for the word
that it has come

The missiles
make no noise
sliding through the sky
dropping on our heads

Terror keeps
we sleep guarded
waiting for the flash
that tells they did it

Someone’s decision
and then we pray
to whatever we believe
as we wait for it

Terror sleeps
we wait guarded
waiting for the word
that someone slipped

We wait for the
day after
the day
that everything has changed

Terror creeps
we stand guarded
facing East, West
North and South

The skin peeling back
the nausea
that tells us that the poison
is in our blood

Terror peeps
out from behind our knees
letting us know
that it is still there

No bomb shelter
will seal this out
no magic pill
will make this go away

We just wait
but Terror doesn’t

1 comment:

  1. This poem represents how we felt during the eighties when the threat of a global nuclear war seemed just around the corner. Armageddon seemed imminent. The not so new but now prevalent threat of terrorism sometimes feels the same way.