Friday, November 7, 2014

Coffee House 
November 7th, 2014
Jason Murray

wrung out and 
hung out 
to dry
I feel tired
and used up
When will things
be easier
or is that the point
that they aren't 
meant to be 
My mind runs back 
to a day 
when I walked all night
because I had no 
where to go
but I did. 
I sat up and watched the 
sun light up the buildings
blowing on my hands 
to keep them warm
I sat quiet 
in that space 
grabbing a couple 
of minutes of sleep 
in the dark
stealing out at the 
last minute and walking 
some more
wrapped up as warm 
as I could be in my 
feeble coat.
repeated this night 
many years later
This time I had  
a room warm
and a bed inviting
but the keys to enter 
were in another part of town
in my friend's apartment
thrown high in his loft
I stole a few moments 
this time on the stairs
outside my door
why am I reminded of 
these times 
right now
why am I reminded 
of all these things 
in my past 
Why do I see
these memories 
right now
sitting in a coffee shop
with the warm smells 
of coffee and the 
comforting sounds 
of the grinder
is it that I have spent 
so many restless hours 
in the company of others
who just want to be wrapped
in the comfort of the local
coffee house? 

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