Friday, April 8, 2016

He asked me
Do you believe in God
I said No
And he said why not
So I
Told him this
That while I had seen many things
To convince me God exists
My daughters face
Seconds after she was born
My son's laugh
When he is watching some
Ridiculous show
My dog's sleeping form
The dogwood in the back yard in full bloom
Pink blossoms glowing in
The Afternoon sun
I had also seen things
To show me his Absence
The wars that continually rage
All over the planet
The hatred people have for
Others who are different
The child dying from a disease
He did nothing to receive
I see people search for
God, mostly to have someone to blame
For their failures and someone to
Credit with their successes
I see people use God to
Condemn others for simply
Loving someone
For trying to live a life
Deserved, a life loved
I see families split
Over nothing
But a misguided belief
In an absent God
No, faith doesn't satisfy me
I cannot simply accept
Because in simply accepting
People found themselves led to
Gas chambers
Or clearings in the South American Jungle
And disappearing
Or simply stopping living
Waiting for the next life
No, I told him.
I don't believe in God.
He said OK
I kinda Get it
And lifted his beer
And drank.

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