Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boxes Beads and Books

As we near the day of the great departure things get more and more crazy. Two large boxes showed up on our front door. As I looked at these boxes full of gift boxes the first thing I thought of was "how the hell am I going to fit those in the car?" The second thought I had was is there an UPS store that I can ship these to in Sheboygan. The thought of packing my car makes me think immediately of how nice a beer would taste, or how fun it would be to watch an episode of Dr. Who. Escapism aside I am looking forward to the parts of my summer that don't involve driving across Nebraska or driving late into the night. I look forward to the food, the people, the different places. Jack wants to see the Lincoln Memorial as he regards Lincoln as his hero.
I am preparing for finals, and final papers while ordering and receiving small boxes of beads (it's amazing how small a 150 dollar box of beads or parts is.) It's always funny when we unload the car and look at the huge pile on the ground and then take out the small box full of Lisa's jewelry. Several hundred pounds of tents, tables, gift boxes, tools, bank card machines, drapes, posters, etc all for one about five pound soft sided container of Lisa's hard work.
Watch for us this summer as we turn into gypsies and travel all the way from one coast to another and back! I will blog from the road. Some may show how tired I am. Some may be quite good. We'll see.
Peace, Jason

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