Saturday, May 28, 2011

looking down at me looking up

Jason Murray
Saturday, May 28th 2011

Testing metal
you break down
crashing through
your self and self

floating on a whim
a cloud of desire
tasting the wind
that once filled your sails

she told me she was dying
that was so long ago
and yet we are both here today
longing for the next thing

We smiled at the thought
of a manhole left open
dropping down and
coming out in China

What did the toast
taste like today
death? or life
or butter and jam

Why did we say goodbye
just now
when we really meant hello
do you know?

The sun winked at me
this morning
and then rose
to its usual chorus

I went to bed
only to dream of
going to bed
only to dream of waking

This flower is full of
insanity, bop
flower of love
hits you in the nose

She came to bed late
ears ringing of hammers
and eyes aching
for watching the metal

the time slipped
and went by me
while I sat reading
my bus sailed past

I walked to the
edge of the world
and looked down
to see me looking up at me.

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