Thursday, May 26, 2011


Jason Murray
March, 2009

You told me that you had never flown a kite.

I said - We must change that!

And we set out to Myrtle Edwards Park

Stop first at the hardware store.

A reel of string and an inexpensive kite

wrapped in a plastic bag closed with cardboard

Probable five dollars for both.

Dancing through city streets on rubber wheels

in two tons of metal.

Building the kite on the table of the

hood of the car.

The weather was perfect, the wind blew

one way then another first blowing your hair on

then off your expectant face.

A team of two as we tried and tried to launch

this crazy cheap kite.

Finally it flies out of my hands and heads aloft

to heights that make it hard to see.

Where did that kite go? The one we flew

all those years past.

We are both older, and we have changed

from children to parents,

but I would still run to the store,

to buy you a kite and fly it high

above a city beach.

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