Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No deer, good food, cheap motels

Well, as we plan for TQB Designs North American tour 2011 I am planning my routes to bypass deer, not bypass good food, beer and wine, and find cheap clean hotels with soft beds and lenient pet policies. Last year started out with a bang, or rather a loud thump, as on the early morning of our second day we lost our mirror and sustained about $5000 dollars of damage to our car when a deer decided it needed to cross the road. The car was drivable, and repairable. The deer unfortunately was not.
The rest of the trip went rather more smoothly and provided a good platform for our plans for this year.
This year I plan to write about our travels, our food, and the politics we see along the way (we are doing a show in Wisconsin.)
I look forward to this adventure and to the comments anyone wishes to post to my blog.
Happy Highways:)

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