Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1st, 2016

The night is rainy
wet streets and dark
the street lamps strain
to light their small world
and provide the small
sense of security
as people splash in and
out of the puddle of light
left like a stain on the sidewalk
this light
like a moon
suspended above us
sees everything directly below it
it does not see the cat
skulking beneath the car
the dog in the house
silently barking
through the window at the cat
it does not see the lovers argue
while sitting in the car
neither getting out
it is blind
to the pigeon that sleeps
securely on its top
while into its sight
walk friends laughing
at an unheard jokes
lovers who holding hands walk slowly
reveling at their brief
as they move from light to light
protected in their darkness
revealed by the street lamp
left there by city planners
to help everyone feel better, safer, seen, unseen.

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